5 Foods That Starve Fat Cells

“By indirectly targeting fat cells, through their dependence on blood supply, we can actually starve them to death.” – Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

In his TED Talk, Dr. William Li passionately discusses angiogenesis and its role in both cancer development and cancer recession. For reference, angiogenesis is simply the development of new blood vessels in the body. Dr. Li believes manipulation of this physiological function may end cancer and promote health.

As he explains:

Angiogenesis: the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels.

“Anti-angiogenic therapy is the method of cutting off blood supply to the cancer. This can be done because tumor vessels, unlike healthy vessels, are abnormal and poorly constructed, and because of that, they’re highly vulnerable to treatments that target them.”

Deficient and Excessive Angiogenesis

It is important, for the sake of this article, to explain the scientific rationale linking the consumption of certain foods and “starving off” fat cells. Simply put, imbalances in the production and maintenance of blood vessels can manifest into several diseases and conditions. Angiogenetic imbalances arise from either insufficient or excessive angiogenesis.

Insufficient angiogenesis is when the body possesses too few blood vessels and is linked to several diseases and medical conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, heart disease, inability to heal wounds, neuropathy, and stroke.

Excessive angiogenesis – an excessive production of blood vessels – has also been linked to several diseases and conditions. Arthritis, blindness, cancer, endometriosis, and multiple sclerosis have all been associated with excessive production of blood vessels.

Obesity = Excessive Angiogenesis

Obesity – the mass accumulation of fat cells – is a byproduct of excessive angiogenesis. As such, measures can be taken to counteract the effects. “Like tumor cells, fat cells grow when blood vessels grow,” says Dr. Li.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a world-renown osteopathic physician, and surgeon, concurs: “…obesity is also largely dependent on angiogenesis.” Dr. Mercola goes on to explain that fat cells, like cancerous cells, can potentially be eliminated through diet.

What does this mean? Simply that we can starve off fat cells through proper dietary habits. To accomplish this, we must eat foods that inhibit abnormal angiogenesis (i.e. anti-angiogenetic foods).


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