The top 10 rolling papers!

Rolling papers are a highly personal choice, but that doesn’t mean some brands aren’t better than others.

The rolling papers you choose—like almost any other cannabis-related decision—is highly personal. But that doesn’t change the fact that a few brands of rolling papers have risen above the herd, through a combination of excellence and good marketing. What are the best rolling papers for weed? Let’s take a look.

1. RAW Organic Hemp Papers
paper7s The top 10 rolling papers

RAW makes eco-friendly papers from unrefined, chemical-free organic hemp. This helps you taste the real flavor of your marijuana when you smoke a joint. Watermarked for a slow, even burn, the papers are thin and lightweight, but won’t tear when used properly. We prefer the RAW Organic Hemp papers to the company’s other main offering, Raw Classic Natural Unrefined, which are made of rice. Five-packs of RAW 300-packs—1,500 total papers—are available at bargain rates.

2. Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers
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Elements are slow-burning, thin rice papers. No chemicals are used in their production, and they leave very little ash. They affect the taste much less than many other rolling papers. Packs contain a generous 300 leaves. Elements are folded at the side rather than in the middle, to make the rolling papers easier to use.

3. Rizla Natural Hemp Papers
paper7333 The top 10 rolling papers

These nice and thin rolling papers are 100 percent unbleached hemp. They’re a great eco-friendly choice; even the packaging is compostable. While thin papers require greater skill, they also make your weed taste a whole lot better.

4. Zig Zag Ultra Thins
paper5 copy The top 10 rolling papers

These classic rolling papers, made in France, are made of bleached wood pulp. Classic Zig Zags aren’t the thinnest rolling papers you’ve ever used. That’s why some paper purists turn up their noses at them. But the orange packs of Zig Zag 1-1/4s are omnipresent in stoner culture. They’re good papers to learn how to roll with, as they don’t tear easily. To their credit, Zig Zag now offers an Ultra Thin paper which is nearly see-through.

5. OCB Premium Slim King Size Rolling Papers
The king size version of French-made OCB rolling papers, handily enough, comes with a filter tip. This helps keep weed out of your mouth while smoking. These rolling papers are thin, but, being made out of wood pulp, don’t easily tear or wrinkle. The burn is even and slow. OCB offers an X-Pert version of the king size rolling papers which are even thinner. As you might guess by the name, they aren’t for newbie rollers.paper1 The top 10 rolling papers
6. Randy’s Roots Wired Organic Hemp Rolling Papersroots2 1024x1024 The top 10 rolling papers

Talk about bells and whistles. Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers come equipped with a small metal wire glued into the bottom edge of the paper. This provides a built-in roach clip as you’re smoking the joint. It also makes joints easier to roll. That makes these rolling papers a good choice for beginners. They are made of a combination of wood pulp and hemp.

7. JOB 1.5 Rolling Papers
paper3 The top 10 rolling papers

Job 1.5s became a cultural icon in the 1970s. They were introduced because their predecessor, JOB Double Wides, provided a little TOO much paper for some stoners. It became a popular practice to tear off part of the double wides. The company took the hint and put 1.5s on the market. These rice papers are of medium thickness and make for easy rolling.

8. Bob Marley True Hemp Rolling Papers
Hemp papers are gaining mass popularity and Bob Marley True Hemp wraps are some of the best ones out there. These papers have more than Bob’s name and face to recommend them. They are both high quality and easy to roll with.
paper4 The top 10 rolling papers

9. Big Bambu Rolling Papers
Bambu papers are a classic among stoners. This is partially because, back in the 70s, Cheech & Chong made an album cover which mimicked a pack of them. Bambu are very thin papers, so they aren’t the best for novices.
paper2 The top 10 rolling papers
10. Pouch Papers
paper8 The top 10 rolling papers
Pouch papers have been around for decades, and are now reaching a new generation of smokers. Perfect for newbies, they make rolling easy. Pouches are built into each leaf. This eliminates the frustration of losing your weed on the ends of the paper while learning how to roll.

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